Powering Economic Opportunity in Davao City

This project is creating a model for libraries as modern hubs for information and economic opportunity to illustrate how libraries help fulfill the objectives laid out in the Philippine Digital Strategy. The libraries in Davao have the space to host digital literacy and job skills training, the technology to provide ongoing digital access to communities, and trained professionals to support these activities. The libraries also serve as connecting points between the community and public service agencies, which reduces cost and time burdens and boosts efficiency.

The Philippines has launched an ambitious E-Government Plan as well as the Philippine Digital Strategy as a part of its effort to pursue inclusive economic growth and address persistent poverty. These plans aim to improve access to information and communication technology (ICT), particularly for those in marginalized communities; improve job skills, especially those related to technology; and promote efficient and effective delivery of public services. Through this project, Beyond Access is seeking to help Davao City establish a model for the ways libraries can support these goals. Libraries in the project serve as community access points for ICTs, operating as venues for training on digital literacy skills. They also build partnerships with municipal agencies to help deliver public services more effectively.
  • Showcase partnerships with municipal agencies to test ways to improve coordination and maximize the value of public service delivery.
  • Establish libraries as service delivery points for municipal agencies, particularly around economic opportunity
  • Develop the capacity of librarians to support digital services
  • Establish a model in the Philippines that demonstrates how existing public libraries can serve as community hubs for information and technology

Training and workshops

Provide technology skills training to participating libraries

Distribute computers

Distribute computers and other equipment to participating libraries

Establish partnerships

Partner with municipal agencies to offer economic opportunity services — such as entrepreneurship training — using public libraries