Beyond Access Myanmar

The Beyond Access Myanmar project aims to support Myanmar’s libraries so they can serve more people with critical information and services. Our vision is that libraries will be centered around active librarians and welcoming spaces, and provide up-to-date materials and public access to the internet. The project focuses on training librarians, helping them to develop new services and support their communities to increase information literacy. It also aims to maximize the impact of public access technology and internet, and develop a long-term strategy to promote community literacy.

Myanmar has undertaken a rapid pace of reform since 2010. As the country develops, two emerging challenges are human capacity and access to information. With a national focus on people-centered development, the 5000 public libraries located throughout the country are ideal assets to ensure access to information for all. Beyond Access Myanmar will strengthen the public library system so that everyone benefits from new opportunities.
  • Expand access to the internet and ICT training throughout the country
  • Support libraries in using technology for education
  • Boost online access to news and government information
  • Develop capacity of libraries to provide relevant information and community services
  • Demonstrate and showcase partnerships that can foster relevant models for modern libraries in Myanmar

Training and workshops

Train librarians in information facilitation skills, including community needs assessment, information literacy, development of new services and maximizing the value of public access technology and internet. A select group of librarians will be chosen for advanced leadership training in spring 2015.

Equip libraries

Ooredoo will provide tablet computers, 3G routers and fast mobile internet access to 55 libraries throughout Myanmar.

Develop partnerships

Partner with government and civil society to employ public libraries as a development asset, helping agencies and organizations use libraries as a base to offer services to communities.

Promote community literacy

Develop a long-term strategy for ensuring up-to-date literacy materials in relevant languages are provided through all libraries – particularly through the use of technology – by convening publishers and other stakeholders.