Pública Piloto

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Piloto Public Library System

Medellín’s Piloto Public Library is responsible for the Municipal Libraries System — including eight libraries of the city’s Citizen Culture Secretariat and five Medellin Library Parks. It is part of the Public Library Network of the Metropolitan Area, which is integrated with twelve other libraries. The Piloto Public Library encourages free access to information, culture, and learning. It aims to help individuals improve their quality of life and transform their communities for the better.

Government Partner

Medellin Mayorship – Library System

In 2006, the Mayorship of Medellín created a strategy to minimize the geographical, technological and informational gaps that existed in the city by providing access to information, knowledge and culture for all people. To achieve this goal, the Mayorship unified all the public and specialized libraries in the city through the library system. This organization works for social development and holistic transformation of society. The Library System currently has 30 units with different administrative models, but all are unified in their service policies, based on the principles of UNESCO.

Community Partner

EPM Foundation

EPM Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks innovative and sustainable alternatives for human development. The organization promotes social programs, fosters high impact scenarios for education and recreation. One of its programs is the Library Network, which strengthens the knowledge networks in the region through the unification of services that allow the access to information for the users of 63 libraries. The Network transcends the boundaries of space and time through the use of ICT and provides integrated services, facilitates research, learning and overall access to the various possibilities of knowledge.