Who We Are

The “who” of Beyond Access includes several groups: the program team based at IREX, Organizing Committee organizations and representatives, development professionals who have become Friends of Beyond Access, and — most importantly — the member teams based in 30+ countries around the world.

Each group plays an important role in achieving our goal to advance individual and community development.

The IREX program team leads the way. They are the ones responsible for implementing Beyond Access: generating strategy, providing guidance, and taking care of all of the heavy lifting involved with designing and managing projects, trainings, events, and advisory services.

Organizing Committee representatives provide a critical external perspective. They’re the Beyond Access “hard truth” squad — people with the expertise and ability to ask tough questions and keep us on track. Representatives come from key organizations in development, technology, librarianship, and academia. We form a network — pooling ideas and resources, and sharing ideas and learning.

Beyond Access Members are the core of Beyond Access: on-the-ground teams typically made up of a library, a civil society organization, and a government agency. Members are on the front lines: working locally — directly with citizens — to advance social and economic development in their communities.

Friends of Beyond Access are our champions in the development community: experienced practitioners who understand the importance of the modern library to programmatic excellence and sustainably. They support our member teams, spread the word about how development initiatives can leverage modern public libraries, and in turn receive introductions to community partners around the world, and advisory assistance from the program team.