Inspiring Girls to Become Tech Entrepreneurs

In Moldova, 17-year-old Dana worked with a group of high school students to build an app to help others in their community stay informed about events happening in their city. Their team — team NANDA — is one of seven in Moldova that participated in the Technovation Challenge, a program that teaches young women about technology and entrepreneurship.

Now, you can check out the app that team NANDA created — along with dozens of other apps created by nearly 3,000 young women from 28 countries. They worked in teams to research, design, and build a mobile app prototype, working with a female mentor in technology or engineering. Then they pitched their apps to prospective investors and received feedback and ideas from technology industry professionals.

For Dana, the Technovation Challenge meetings — taking place in the local library — have helped improve her critical thinking and problem solving skills. She often shares what she learns in the program with her friends, and the content helps her complete her schoolwork.

And she’s confident that the skills she learned in the program will help her down the road when she finishes school.

“My parents want to me to pursue a career in economics, business management, or banking. I am not yet decided,” she said. “But I am more than sure that the skills acquired at Technovation meetings will be useful for my career.”

The Technovation Challenge works to inspire and educate girls and women to solve real-world problems through technology, and the entire curriculum is available for free online.

Check out the app that team NANDA created, developed with support from the Causeni Library in Moldova, part of the Novateca program. Visit the Technovation website to view all submissions and learn about the winners of this year’s Challenge.