Beyond Access at World Urban Forum in Medellin

At this year’s World Urban Forum (WUF7) in Medellin, Colombia, Beyond Access will host an event focused on the importance and potential of modern libraries as catalysts for equality, equity, and development.

The event aims to draw attention to the fact that even though many cities around the world have an extensive public library network, they are frequently underused as assets in promoting equality and development.

The first part of the event will highlight innovative initiatives from Beyond Access member libraries, which have played a key role in promoting new development and equality opportunities in their communities. During the second part, participants will be able to share past experiences with libraries in their communities and brainstorm ways libraries could facilitate their work in the future.

The session is titled “Driving Urban Equity: How Modern Public Libraries are the Key to Connecting People for Equal Opportunity and Development: Innovations from the Beyond Access Initiative.” It will take place on April 10  from 11am to 12 pm.

WUF7 is the leading global conference on cities, organized by UN-HABITAT. It will examine the challenges facing the world in relation to human settlements, such as rapid urbanization and its impact on cities, communities, economies, climate change and public policy.

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